HPJ Watering Can with Soil Aerator

HPJ Watering Can with Soil Aerator


An elegant watering can designed by Darryl Cheng @houseplantjournal with matching soil aerator.

Water your plants because it doesn't rain in your house. Aerate your soil because there aren't any insects in your house.

What is soil aeration?

When I was young, I visited a family friend who owned many house plants. I noticed chopsticks poking out from the soil of some plants and asked what were they used for. She said: "I don't keep worms inside so I need to do their job of loosening the soil."

Root rot is caused by soil that stays moist for too long (because of inadequate light) AND lack of air flow in the soil (because of compacted soil). Roots that are trapped in compacted soil can also die from dryness as it is more difficult for water to reach them. Given that your plant is working correctly (in the correct light), the roots will repeatedly absorb soil moisture, which will gradually cause soil compaction. Soil aeration is needed to balance this process.

Soil aeration is the act of gently loosening the soil with a chopstick usually just before watering. This creates channels through which water can flow, ensuring evenly moistened soil (i.e. properly watered). As water trickles down, air is also pulled in, getting oxygen down to the roots. In nature, insects and worms aerate the soil but indoors, we must do their job.

Notice: The design of the spout is such that, while pouring, as the water level is near empty, you will hear a gurgling sound. This will indicate that you need to refill. Because of this design, however, there will always be a small amount of water left in the can. If you absolutely need a watering device that can be completely emptied, don’t buy this!

Capacity: 1.3L

Dimensions: 15” Long, 5” Diameter, 9” Tall (with aerator in holster)

HPJ Watering Can with Soil Aerator

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