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LTH Meter ($US)


Very early in my houseplant journey, I realized the term ‘bright indirect light’ was a meaningless catch-all phrase that didn’t give you any concrete way of assessing the light your plant was getting.

That’s why I started measuring light.

But the light meters currently on the market were bulky and awkward to use or very expensive for just one function.

I wanted a meter I could easily carry in my pocket that looked great.

I wanted an accurate light meter that worked for both natural light and white LED grow lights.

I wanted device that could also measure temperature and humidity – other important factors in plant growth.

I knew I had to create it myself:
Here is the LTH Meter – the first meter to measure light, temperature, and humidity.

Key Features:

1 – Convex Mirror
Correlate your visual surroundings with the light measurements

2 – Light Sensor
Measures light in FC (foot-candles) or lux

3 – Temperature/Humidity Sensors
Measures temperature in °C or °F and humidity in %

4 – Display
Shows measurements for light, temperature and humidity in real-time (refreshed every 0.5 seconds)

5 – Wrist Strap
Sturdy, custom woven wrist strap

Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

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