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Droopy Monstera

Plant Parent

I have a droopy Monstera. I’ve only had her a couple of months and noticed black spots in some leaves. After doing some research I settled on the fact that there wasn’t sufficient drainage and possibly root rot.

I removed the wet soil, check the roots and they seemed sturdy. I repotted with fresh potting soil that included some cactus soil.

Shortly after, she started drooping. It’s been about 1.5 weeks since the repotting and soil felt dry so I watered her. Now I’m concerned if that was the right move.

I also have no idea what to do next, I’m almost to the point of trying to propagate before I lose the whole thing!


Could you please show me where this plant lives relative to the window? I’d like to see how big the window is.

Could you also tell me about your thought process on watering this plant? How do you determine when to water? How exactly do you water?

Plant Parent

The window is about 4 ft x 4 ft and faces north.

I have been sticking my index finger nearly completely in the soil to see if it is damp or dry. I have a little bottle with a spout that I use to water the soil all around the plant evenly. I try not pour water directly over the center of the plant.

It is currently in the original nursery pot as well.


Ah, thanks for showing me the window situation!

1) Cut off the yellowed/blackened leaf – it’s done and now, just an eyesore.

2) Take the plant somewhere where you can water the soil completely – as in, pour in, very slowly, a volume of water equivalent to the entire soil volume – obviously, water will drain out of the drainage holes. You need to evenly moisten all of the soil volume.

3) Move the plant so that it is right in the middle of the window – and I’m hoping that you open the blinds completely during the day. When the plant is off to the side, its view of the sky is severely constricted. All plants must have the widest possible view of the sky (and only some plants ALSO need hours of direct sun).

If your monstera has a healthy root system, your plant should perk up in a week or two after doing the above steps. Please try that and keep me updated!

~ 2 Weeks Later ~

Plant Parent

Just writing to give you an update. Things are definitely looking up! The stems are standing taller, no more yellowing leaves or black spots.

Thanks so much for your help!


Looks great! Thank you so much for the update!

Tired of your houseplants dying on you?

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  1. I have two potted Monstera plants. One of the plants is indoor seems to be healthy no yellowing no browning of leaves but it just doesn’t seem to grow I often wonder is this a artificial plant? And my other Monstera is outdoors under my pergola cover deck I have two sunscreens. One sunscreen faces east the other sunscreen faces west the west side of the deck is against my house and the other one is south. We figured the sunscreen Will definitely help with the hot sun situation. Here in Texas there’s always humidity outdoors so we figure well that helps. A few of the leaves do you have Brown edges on the Tips. I’m wondering maybe this plant would do better if it were in the ground somewhere where it gets indirect light, I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  2. Hello

    I am having a similar situation but I can’t figure it out if the soil is too moist or if it’s a result of the transplant.

    I recently transplanted my monstera into a slightly larger plant and I used moisture control soil which is intended to control over or under watering.

    Well, just a few days later I noticed a white cloudy fungus growing on the top layer of the dirt. I removed the top later and have added a fan to indirectly hit the plant in hopes to dry out the soil a bit. I’ve also limited the watering.

    The leaves are still drooping and we still see some yellowing.
    Please help and can’t lose her!

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