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Monstera declining don’t know why

Plant: Monstera deliciosa

How long have you had the plant? 1 to 2 years


It looks really sad and brown and like it’s on its way out. It’s been getting worse over the past few months and now it looks like it’s nearly dead.

It also has all of these long, brown vines and I’m not sure what to do with them:

How do you determine WHEN to water: (no data provided)

Describe HOW you water: (no data provided)

Fertilizer? (no data provided)

Overall Plant:


Thanks for providing your photos.

For starters – the brown growths are the aerial roots of the plant that normally grow to help the plant attach itself to tree trunks.  Indoors, they aren’t really needed so you can either direct them back into the pot or just cut them off.

Unfortunately, it appears your plant has a thrips infestation.  Let’s take a closer look at this area:

Monstera deliciosa are quite prone to thrips and a severe infestation will result in patchy discolorations and, upon closer inspection, the insects themselves (slender black insects):

If you want to try to save the plant, here are my recommendations for treatment (and it will take many treatments to fully eradicate them).  But since Monstera deliciosa are quite common, you could just discard this plant and restart with another one.

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