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New staghorn fern

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Hello! I just bought a stag horn fern and want to give it the best life possible…

It’s completely root bound though. How do I fix that issue?


This looks perfectly normal – in fact, you’ll end up breaking up most of that root ball when you mount it to whatever board or basket you use.

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I’m wanting to put int in a wood mounted basket instead of just traditionally wall mounting it. Also how do I know when to water it? Do I let the soil or moss dry out or do I keep it moist at all times?


Staghorn is one of my favorite plants! Please show me the plant and where you plan to put it. Then I can make some recommendations for you!

Plant Parent

Here’s the wall I want to put it on.


The staghorn will likely be happiest right in front of the window – not hanging against the wall a few feet from the window. The plant needs to have the widest possible view of the sky and can tolerate 2-3 hours of direct sun.

Assuming this light situation, you can water a staghorn whenever the sphagnum moss is completely dry.

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I take it down from my wall (which is below a huge skylight) and run it under the shower for a minute. I wait for it to stop dripping and then I put it back up on my wall. Here’s a photo of mine:

And here’s a video about the care in general:

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  1. Hello
    I have 3 staghorn ferns and they all have scale. I am physically removing it as I find it but I would like to treat the scale with neem oil/ soap solution or with horticultural oil as I have with other infestations of scale on some of my other plants. I am concerned that I may damage the plants,
    Have you had this problem? When I rub the scale off the fuzzy coating come off of the fronds.


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