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Peperomia polybotria problem

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I have being having problems with my Peperomia polybotria 2 months after I bought it and searching on YouTube I found some of your videos.

First the leaves that grow in my house weren’t as symmetrical and dark green as the ones that came with the plant.  Some got black spots on the back of the leaves.  Then the bottom leaves started to become yellow and rot.  At first I watered when it got dry, but when I saw the leaves yellow I read somewhere that it was because of under watering. I watered more often but it is still terming yellow. And finally, some of the leaves at the tops started to fall. Here are some photos of it. I hope you can help me with my peperomia.


Thank you for including a photo of your overall space – it’s very helpful.

The typical indoor space is a cave for plants. The best possible growth will be right in front of your largest window – and “best possible growth” will never be as good as when you first got the plant because the nursery’s light is 10 times better.

If your plant has been sitting so far from your north window, it has been starving for light since you put it there.

Older leaves will fall off eventually but it happens quicker when light is so poor.

Move the plant to RIGHT IN FRONT of that window and don’t expect it to look perfect forever.

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