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Pothos very droopy

Plant: Pothos marble queen

How long have you had the plant? 6 months to 1 year


Plant is drooping a lot ūüôĀ

Light Situation:

At this window, the plant receives roughly 2 hours of direct sun.

How do you determine WHEN to water? I wait for the soil to become completely dry

Describe HOW you water: I pour a small amount of water

What fertilizer (if any) do you use? I’ve never used fertilizer

Soil Situation:

Darryl’s Analysis

Environment | Effort | Expectations
This is a good placement for a pothos so it should grow well for you.

The watering strategy for a pothos is to water when the soil is ‘partially dry’ – not ‘completely dry’ (even though pothos can certainly tolerate drought).¬† In combination with you saying that you ‘pour a small amount of water’, this is the reason why your plant is droopy and seems to remain that way even after you water.

The goal of watering is two-fold: (1) do it at the right TIME – for a pothos, that’s ‘when the soil is partially dry’ and (2) EVENLY moisten all parts of the soil.¬† Ideally with drainage holes, you can simply keep pouring water through and allow excess to drain away.¬† From what I can see, I’m guessing that your pot does not have drainage holes so, in such cases, you should pour the appropriate VOLUME of water that will evenly saturate all parts of the soil (and pour slowly and try to distribute evenly).¬† The volume of water that will saturate a volume of typical houseplant soil is roughly one quarter – so if you have about 80 oz of soil, you should pour in about 20 oz of water.

To help with even distribution of water, you should also get into the habit of occasionally loosening the soil gently with a chopstick prior to watering.¬† I can see your soil looks quite compacted, which will lead to poor distribution of water through the soil leaving dry pockets where roots will die and corresponding leaves will remain wilted even when you think you’ve watered.

Action steps:
– Gently loosen the soil with a chopstick
– Pour in water evenly and slowly
– Ensure the volume of water you pour in is roughly a quarter of the volume of the soil
– Start using fertilizer if you want your plant to grow well in the long-run (my suggestions here)

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