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Rabbit foot fern not happy

Plant: Davallia fejeensis (Rabbit foot fern)

How long have you had the plant? 1 to 6 months


New fronds appearing but ends look frazzled.

Half the older fronds fell out as well.  It started a few weeks ago when there was an aphid problem but has continued.

Light Situation:

How do you determine WHEN to water? I wait for the soil to become slightly dry.

Describe HOW you water: I fully soak the soil, letting excess drain away. Sometimes, I just pour a small amount of water.

Soil situation:

Darryl’s Analysis

The Davallia fejeensis is one of my absolute favorite plants – long-lived, grows well, low rate of leaf turnover, and I love the crawling rhizomes.

Here’s mine 3 years apart:

Your plant is still in pretty good shape but it is not getting enough light from that distance from that size window.  If I were to measure the light from that spot, it’s probably 50-100 FC most of the day except for that 1 hour of direct sun you mentioned.  My plant grew the way I’ve shown you from having indirect light in the 200-400 FC range most of the day – which means closer to the window or using grow lights.  Improve the light and the plant will grow better with all the other care things you’re already doing well.

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