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Sad monstera

Plant: Monstera deliciosa

How long have you had the plant? 6 months – 1 year

What’s your concern?

Plant Parent

My monstera leaves has generally been looking droopy for a couple of months. There were thrips infestation at one point but I think I’ve gotten rid of most of it.

A new leaf sprouted about a month ago but it didn’t unfurl and today it remains the same size (or smaller). Not sure what’s wrong.

Light Situation

This window receives about 2 hours of direct sun.

How do you determine WHEN to water? I wait for the soil to get to halfway dry.

Describe HOW you water: I fully soak the soil, letting excess drain away.


Looks like a coco coir + bark chip potting mix. Maybe some rice hulls too.

Fertilizer? I recently started using Hua Hng Organic Liquid Fertilizer.

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The light situation looks good for this plant.

Your watering strategy sounds good for this plant (“when partially dry”) and method (“fully soak, letting excess drain away”) also works.  Fertilizer sounds fine as well.  It’s helpful to occasionally loosen the soil gently with a chopstick to help water evenly moisten all parts of the soil.  When soil is evenly moistened, roots get healthier, which should help with leaf unfurling.

This plant doesn’t appear droopy beyond normal parameters.  The vines are still young so when a few more leaves grow, tie the main vines against your bamboo stakes.

Here’s my monstera around when I first got it (note: I have 8 vines in a single pot):

And here it is 4 years later:

Monstera deliciosa is a great long-term houseplant. You’ve got a good window so I think you’ll have a great plant journey with yours. For your reference, I’ve documented my own journey HERE.

Tired of your houseplants dying on you?

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