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Save my snake plant!

Plant Parent

I messaged you on Instagram in a panic because I found spots on the leaves of my snake plant.

I’ve been testing the soil using a stick. Today the bottom part of the stick (lower 1/4 part of the pot) still feels a bit damp. I’ll wait until the stick is completely dry before I water. Please let me know if this is correct.

Also, I’ve observed that some leaves have started to fold inward lengthwise and one has bent crosswise. Is this normal?

Appreciate your response and I hope to hear from you about how to help my snake plant become healthy.


1) How long have you had the plant?
2) Show me the overall space where the plant lives

Plant Parent

1. About a month

2. Here are the photos of its area:


You’ve got a great window for this snake plant – it should last several years but don’t expect it to stay looking the same forever.

The damaged areas will never actually “heal” so if they bother you, cut off those leaves.  Unfortunately, there’s no “fixing” them.  To lower the chance of more of them appearing, ensure you’re letting excess water drain away or, if there’s no drainage hole, don’t pour more than one quarter the total volume of the soil.

Snake plant leaves sometimes will grow in different shapes compared to the leaves you first got them with because your interior space is just a fraction of the light that a nursery has (where those leaves developed).  Different leaf shapes are to be expected.

Yes, watering when the soil is completely dry is the strategy for snake plants.
This is my snake plant after 3 years – very healthy and happy:

Tired of your houseplants dying on you?

2 responses to “Save my snake plant!”

  1. hi Darryl I have 5 snake plants, 1 yucca and 1 zz plant. I usually water all of them about 2 times a year.

    So far they are looking healthy.

    On occassion I wipe down the leaves to remove any dust.

  2. Hi, I always read that snake plants actually enjoy a shadier corner / part of the room. I see you both positioned your snake plants very close to your windows. Is this what you would recommend?

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