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Will this Monstera grow new leaves?

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I recently received a monstera cutting. It had a little bit of black on the node but I didn’t take much notice of it as it wasn’t squishy/mushy.

The roots have been growing really well but I’m wondering now if I’ve made a mistake and if it’s ever going to grow any more leaves.

The color hasn’t changed at all really since I got it a month ago and the roots have grown to double the length. It’s in a coco coir/perlite mix at the moment.


It appears you have the inter-node cutting and not the leading growth (like the tip cutting from the original plant), which means new growth will come as a spike that emerges from the node. By contrast, a tip cutting would give a new leaf coming off the side of the previous leaf.

As long as this node section has roots, then just care for the plant as normal and it should send out new growth in a few weeks or months. Note – your current leaf may die off but this is to be expected with an inter-node cutting.

Here’s an example of a leafless inter-node Monstera cutting sprouting a new leaf:

I cut the vine into sections and placed them in water to root:

Three months later:

Monsteras are excellent plants that you can enjoy for years!  Good luck on your journey!  If you want to understand how to have a long-term view of plants, learn from my course.

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