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LTH Meter

Light | Temperature | Humidity Meter

Learn the Fundamentals
Measuring and Interpreting Light

Features of the LTH Meter

1 – Convex Mirror
Correlate your visual surroundings with the light measurements

2 – Light Sensor
Measures light in FC (foot-candles) or lux

3 – Temperature/Humidity Sensors
Measures temperature in °C or °F and humidity in %

4 – Display
Shows measurements for light, temperature and humidity in real-time (refreshed every 0.5 seconds)

5 – Wrist Strap
Sturdy, custom woven wrist strap

1) Introduction to Measuring and Interpreting Light

Light Requirements Table by Plant:

2) A More Detailed Look at Light

3) Analyzing Light 1: Close to the window

4) Analyzing Light 2: two feet farther into the room

5) Nursery Light

Summary of Natural Light Analysis