Meet Greg 🌱 – House Plant Journal

Meet Greg 🌱

I’m so excited to share that HPJ has partnered with Greg, the app that helps you grow healthy and happier plants, to bring you even more data-driven, science-based plant care!

The Greg team and I agree that plant care should be highly personalized, because no two plants or environments are alike. So we both emphasize an understanding of why you’re doing something – not just the do’s and don’ts. 

We share a vision of making the journey of plant care a fun and rewarding experience.  Together, we’ll provide you with tools and guidance to grow plants that thrive in your environment.

Beneath the soil, Greg ⚡️…

What’s truly remarkable about the Greg app is how it works – combining good science with machine-learning to assist with the fundamental task of plant watering.

Why “Greg”? 🤓

Greg is short for gregarious, which means “sociable”, but in the science world, “gregarious” also means “plants and animals that live and grow in communities”.

The team behind Greg is Gregarious, Inc., a registered Public Benefit Company (PBC).

A PBC provides a public good to society beyond merely creating shareholder value. This is at the heart of the (legally binding!) company charter.

Interested? Try it out! ❤️

Get started with Greg with a FREE YEAR of their premium subscription, Super Greg, at

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