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Review: A-Pot by Dowan Ceramics

I’m excited to partner with Dowan Ceramics to introduce and test their A-Pot self-watering houseplant pot!

This is a paid partnership between Dowan Ceramics and House Plant Journal

I was immediately drawn to the design of the A-Pot because of its stylish combination of glass and terracotta.  While I’m generally on top of checking up on which of my plants require watering, this task can be daunting to a first-time houseplant owner – or an avid collector with many plants – the A-Pot makes ensuring your plants get adequate watering super easy (and stylish too!).

Within a few minutes of being submerged in water, the terracotta has transferred the moisture to the inside of the pot.

How it works

The unglazed terracotta is the key to how this self-watering system functions.  Terracotta is naturally porous so when the reservoir is filled with water and is in contact with the terracotta, water is absorbed.  Now if we add a potted plant, when the plant’s roots draw up moisture from the soil, the soil becomes drier, which in turn, pulls more water from the terracotta.

With this system, the moisture level of the soil can remain adequately moistened for a longer time, meaning you don’t have to water as frequently.  Instead, you can visually assess the remaining amount of water in the glass reservoir and fill it up as needed.

You can fill up glass by using a watering can with a narrow spout, which will direct the stream with minimal spillage!

The kinds of houseplants that would be ideal for the A-Pot self-watering system would be the “keep evenly moist” and the “water when partially dry” type of plants.  Most ferns (especially maidenhair fern), Calathea (shown here), Philodendrons, Pothos, and Begonias would do quite well in this kind of pot.

For cacti/succulents – the plants that you water when the soil is completely dry – you could allow the reservoir to go empty and wait until the soil is also completely dry before refilling.

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Planting into the A-Pot

I’ve planted my Calathea ‘yellow fusion’ into the A-Pot and set up a time lapse to watch a new leaf emerging.

Transplanting my Calathea Yellow Fusion into the A-Pot.  I added some more soil to fill in the small amount of extra space around the original 3.5” pot.  The A-Pot will accommodate most 4” potted plants.
Time lapse setup to observe the water uptake by the A-Pot and the Calathea’s new leaf emerging.

In just 3 days, I noticed a much deeper purple color developing on the back of the new leaf!  I’m certain this is because of the consistent moisture delivery from the A-Pot because previous new leaves grew with slightly more pale purple when I was watering in the traditional way (waiting for the soil to become drier and watering with a watering can).  This is a great ‘win’ for the A-Pot!


My Calathea has done exceptionally well over the past few weeks since being planted in the A-Pot.  Monitoring the moisture level by looking at the glass reservoir is super convenient and topping it up is clean and easy.  I’m looking forward to trying other plants in the A-Pot – particularly the thirstier ones!

The A-Pot by Dowan Ceramics is aesthetically pleasing to suit any décor and would be a welcomed addition for any plant collector.

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