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Help! I have aphids!

Plant Parent

I’m having an aphid infestation.  I have tried the “Safer’s savon insecticide”…it didn’t work. Could you please suggest a simple and effective solution?


The usual treatments are as follows:

1) Physical removal
– Cutting off heavily infested foliage
– Spraying them with a jet of water

2) Insecticidal soap spray like this.

They will not all die in one or two treatments so you will have to repeat all of the above steps on a regular basis – check the plant every few days.  To set your expectations: you may be treating the plant for several weeks or months.

***They will not all die in one or two treatments***

If you feel it’s not worth the effort, then throwing away the plant is a perfectly sensible thing to do as it will prevent further spreading – aphids can easily spread to other plants!

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