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Monstera infested with mealy bugs

Plant: Monstera deliciosa

How long have you had the plant? 1 to 2 years


It started happening when my landlord gifted me a plant for prosperity lol 😂 I had no mites for a year and I put the plant with the monstera and well, the mites love the monstera:

I will use white vinegar and baking soda to kill insects in soil.

The overall plant:


You have a rather severe mealy bug infestation.  I’d recommend insecticidal soap instead of vinegar/baking soda.

A few tricks with mealy bugs:

  • They hide in all the cracks and crevices on the plant and on the OUTSIDE of the pot, sometimes even underneath the pot.  Check all around!
  • The bugs that you photographed are just the big ones.  Mealy bugs start as very tiny insects, less than 1 mm long – don’t forget to kill these too.
  • As with all pest control, you should expect to repeat your treatments on a regular basis – they won’t all die in one go.  It can take many many treatments and you may never truly reach full eradication.  If the plant is replaceable, don’t feel bad for throwing away the plant for the sake of your sanity.

My book and my online course go over the principles of pest control and early detection!

Tired of your houseplants dying on you?

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