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Monstera Looks unhealthy

Plant: Monstera deliciosa

How long have you had the plant? 6 months to 1 year


What can I do to help this plant?  It was looking unhealthy over the winter but is producing a new leaf


Could you please show me a closer photo of one of the leaves with the brown patches?

Plant Parent

Darryl’s Analysis

You have a pretty severe thrips infestation.  More info on treating thrips HERE.

Pay close attention to the photos so you can become familiar with what thrips look like – this will help you detect an infestation before it becomes a major pain to control.

At this degree of infestation, you may even want to just chop off the newest growth along with its node and try to re-start the plant from there.

If you want to learn a healthy, balanced approach to houseplant care, check out my online course or my book.

Tired of your houseplants dying on you?

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