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Oxalis Has Orange Spots

Plant: Oxalis triangularis

How long have you had the plant? Less than 1 month


As soon as I got it, I noticed these rusty orange pollen, and it has spread and the plant is slowly drying up.  I also have a humidifier for it.

Overall plant:

Light Situation:

From this spot, the plant only gets indirect light.

How do you determine WHEN to water: I follow the schedule I was told/researched for this plant – waiting for the plant to wilt slightly.

Describe HOW you water: Bottom watering

What fertilizer do you use? I have never used fertilizer (just bought the plant)

When was the last time you repotted? I haven’t repotted.


Although I’ve never seen this in person on any oxalis I’ve come across, I was able to Google “Oxalis orange spots” and find this article on a rust fungus that is common on Oxalis and some other plants:

Since Oxalis can re-grow new leaves from their underground corms, I highly suggest you simply cut off all the leaves and repot the corms into fresh soil – some of the orange rust fungus is also growing on the surface of your soil.  If you replace all the soil and discard the current set of leaves, there’s a good chance the new leaves will be fungus-free.

A humidifier is unnecessary for Oxalis to grow well.  I don’t have a humidifier at all.

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