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Palm is yellowing and browning

Plant: Majesty palm

How long have you had the plant? 1 to 2 years


My palm has been yellowing and browning.  This has been happening for a long time.

Overall plant:

Light Situation:

From this spot, the plant gets about 2 hours of direct sun.

How do you determine WHEN to water: I wait for the soil to become about halfway dry.

Describe HOW you water: Bottom watering

What fertilizer do you use? I recently started using Kobe’s fertilizer spikes for ferns and palms

When was the last time you repotted? I haven’t repotted.


Thanks!  Here’s my assessment and recommendations:

  • You have a severe spider mite infestation.  I recommend discarding the entire plant or cutting off all of the leaves (yes, there will only be a stump left) and repotting into fresh soil.  There is a slim chance that new growth will occur and a very high chance that it will still have spider mites – but it should be at a more manageable level.  Here’s how you can manage a minor infestation: treating spider mites.

Learning to identify spider mites (and other pests) at the very first sign is your best chance at keeping them under control and eventually eradicating them.  When an infestation is this far gone, it’s better to cut your losses and start over.

If you want clarity in houseplant care – learning what will have the most impact on your enjoyment and not wasting your time – I think you’ll enjoy my book and online course.

Tired of your houseplants dying on you?

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