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Peperomia Hope Overwatered

Plant: Peperomia ‘Hope’

How long have you had the plant? (no info given)


I have very much wanted to get into the hobby of growing plants successfully and memorizing what different plants need to thrive. I would love help on how to start that journey.

I woke up this morning and it looks like it might have root rot from what I’ve researched. I might have overwatered it. I put a reminder in my phone every week to week and a half to water it but maybe that’s too much.

I also noticed that one of the stems and leaves fell off and it looks like the remaining stem is somewhat of a darker color.

Is there a way to save this plant?

Light Situation:

From this spot, the plant only gets indirect light.

How do you determine WHEN to water: I set a weekly reminder on my phone.

Describe HOW you water: (no info given)

What fertilizer do you use? (no info given)

When was the last time you repotted? (no info given)


Thanks for the photos and your care details.

Yes, your Peperomia hope is suffering from root rot, but the usual diagnosis of ‘overwatered’ is misleading. It’s misleading because simply adjusting your watering schedule won’t help.

The problem is very poor light – light dictates the growth potential of a plant; watering/fertilizing/repotting only help to realize that potential.

Traditionally, you’ll hear that this plant needs “bright indirect light” but that’s vague and unhelpful.

Here’s what I say: make sure the indirect light for this plant is at least 100-200 FC most of the day; and 1 to 2 hours of direct sun is great.

Your plant is behind a screened window, which sits a few feet under an overhang. With a light meter, I would estimate this space never gets more than 50 FC most of the day and definitely no direct sun.

More on the importance of measuring light HERE.

Without a light meter, the only generic advice I can give is this: put this plant right in front of your largest, least obstructed window – when indoors, give the plant the widest possible view of the sky (that’s step 1). Step 2: if the sun will shine directly on the plant longer than 2 or 3 hours, then consider blocking it with a white sheer curtain – if less than 2 hours, great – you don’t need to block it.

Once you set your plant where you have the best possible light, watering will work.

Instead of approaching watering as a schedule specific to the plant, approach it as regularly observing the soil dryness, and water once the dryness reaches the appropriate level. For Peperomia hope, water when the soil is nearly completely dry.

Watch this video to better understand my approach to watering.

If you want to develop strong fundamentals in plant care, my book and online course will guide you in the right direction.

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